best day ever …

at long last …

* a fictional story
Home at last. She is so excited to get off the plane. He would be waiting for her. They’ve been apart for a couple months and are finally going to be together. She literally skips off the plane knowing that she gets to run into his arms any minute … She walks around the corner and sees him there. He looks up and an enormous smile overcomes his face and his eyes light up. God he missed her. They embrace and sway in excitement. They kiss, a couple short kisses … and then a perfectly lovely longer kiss. She loves feeling his lips on hers.
woman standing on tiptoe beside her man. the embrace of men and women in the airport. the concept of farewells and meetings.
They hop in and head to the mountains. A day in the mountains is in order to connect and love each other. The picnic is in the back, blanket, champagne, snacks … His hand has a magnetic draw to her leg, where he runs it back and forth … his touch has a warmth to it that radiates. She is suddenly overwhelmed with nervousness … his eyes leave her face just enough so as not to crash the car. She can feel him looking at her … staring at her … “you are so beautiful …” “look at you …hmmmm” … “I have done something right in my life …” is all he can say.
Red light … seatbelt off, long amazing kiss. Endless smiles …
They drive along holding hands, touching each others legs, hands, arms … he suddenly veers off into a rest area. “Where are we going?” “Nowhere” he says as his sexy smile takes over his face. He holds her stare and unbuckles his seat belt. He reaches across and takes her head in his hand and gently pulls her in for a kiss. This kiss is even better than the last. How is that possible? She wraps her arm around him, softly touching his neck and they kiss. Their eyes open, foreheads together they look into each other. They buckle up and carry on.
Her nervousness has subsided … she just needed that second kiss. The solution to a lot could be those lips of his. Another sudden turn down a road that leads to a pretty little campground on the water. They roll into a spot that looks out at the water … wishing he had packed a tent … what a way to spend an afternoon … pitching a tent on the water! Seat belts click and they are one … his hands are instantly inside her shirt running along her back, along her bra line. “You feel incredible …” he whispers in her ear and his lips move across her neck. She tilts her head just a touch … shivers to her toes.
Buckles back on and back on the road. It’s time for coffee. She loves their coffee together. She’s missed this. It’s the simple things, the everyday mundane things that she loves most about them. After all of these years she still loves him like crazy. Just like he said weeks after meeting her … he told her that he was “crazy in love” with her. His first declaration was the most adorable thing. She loves him more than she knows what to do with. Her feelings for him still consume her with a sense of just knowing – it’s a knowing that needs no words.
Coffee in hand, they park and start to walk to the falls. He looks into her eyes and she feels the world fall away … and then he kisses her. The breathless dizziness rushes through her veins like an all consuming aphrodisiac. Give me more of this, she thinks. She forgot how his lips feel like nothing she’s ever felt … every single time. Her hands in his hair, his lips kissing her so deeply it literally takes her breath away. He pulls back and takes her hand and leads her along the path …He spots the perfect rock … sipping coffee, taking in mother nature, and just catching up. His arms around her, while she shares her stories about her time away. They look like love sick teenagers with the way they touch, the way they kiss, the way they look at each other, and the way they stop along the way to embrace. This passionate, big love that floats between them is like a warm, peaceful summer breeze.
They make their way back to the car, he has his arm around her … It feels so nice to have him hold her close that way. They just fit. They make their way to a lake side doc where they lay out a couple blankets, pour a couple mimosas and sit together. Talking, and sipping they look out at the glass like lake. The reflective water is as peaceful as her heart. Her back against him, his arms around her … their bare feet soaking up the sun.
Photo of young adults by the water hugging and kissing in the late afternoon as the sun lowers in the sky. Heavily filtered for more romantic effect. Real lens flare visible.
The day fly’s by … they picnic, they laugh, they share, they soak up the sun and each other until the sun starts to set … their day in the mountains has come to an end, but their love will carry them home together where they find joy in their mundane.
– best day ever