After many flow charts, blog entries and a  lot of fear based procrastination, I am launching my new site. It is a collaboration of things that all have in common – passion. While I embrace my love for photography and my desire for beautifully plated, wholesome food I will share experiences that shape human behaviour – and quite often these experiences are best served over a molten chocolate lave cake …
Who hasn’t cried over a memorable grilled cheese sandwich? Or laughed and laughed while savouring the best ever flourless chocolate cake? And we’ve all experienced a relationship break up alongside a teary bowl of ice cream. And I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the power and connection that comes from the family dinner.
Taking all of this into account, I think it’s safe to say that food can heal, or at the very least comfort. The connection between food and comfort holds deep meaning for me. While I was growing up I often found myself baking detailed cakes, creative after school snacks, and dinner for my family. The kitchen was my great escape from the noise going on around me. A divorce, dysfunctional parents, and a grandmother that needed a lot of care often left me overwhelmed, blindly navigating through my teenage life.
Maybe it is the honesty about my life experience or the fact that I give a great hug that finds me often listening to the grocery store clerk, restaurant owner and barista’s sharing their deep personal experiences.
This undeniable connection between food and emotion leaves me curious. Why do we find comfort in food? Do we express or feel differently when we eat certain foods? Can a piece of chocolate cake encourage us to share more deeply? 
It is here that I will explore, learn and share my findings. These stories and discoveries will be both mine and from people that have agreed to be confidentially published in my blog. It will be a soft place to land, a safe place to look in the mirror, a place to accept and not judge. It will also be a place in which we can begin to truly understand the connection between love and food.

with kindness,